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We Offer a Luxurious Budget Bathroom Remodel in Dallas

If you are looking for a budget bathroom remodel in Dallas, look no further than the Easy Bath Remodel Dallas experts. You can get new floors, fixtures, sinks, and storage. And if you are tired of the tub and shower combo, we can separate the two or convert it to a shower only. But, most importantly, you can have an entirely new, luxurious bathroom at a low cost.

For over 20 years, our team of remodeling experts has transformed dated, small, stuffy bathrooms in homes across Dallas and surrounding communities. We start by assessing your needs and providing you with a wide variety of prefabricated bathroom options. If our existing styles don't appeal to your design tastes, we can offer you customized solutions to take control of how your bathroom will look. Either option you choose will make your bathroom look spectacular!

Are you ready to join our many satisfied customers? Contact one of our team members today to learn more about our budget bathroom remodel in Dallas. We're eager to provide you with a bathroom space you can be proud of!

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Do You Want the Bathtub & Shower Separate in Your Remodel?

If you are like most homeowners, you probably have a standard tub-shower combination in your bathroom. These typically come standard in most homes and have been the standard since the 1950s. This tub-shower duo has evolved since then. However, many homeowners are starting to want the two fixtures separated. Thus, they prefer designs that include a luxurious, spacious tub next to a shower. You'll be happy to know that our team of installers can provide you with the satisfaction of having these two separated in your bathroom. So, you no longer have to shower or bathe in an outdated combo that feels cramped and uncomfortable. Instead, we can install spacious tubs and showers that will allow you to experience the rejuvenation you deserve.

Are you ready for us to configure your bathroom in such a way that you can comfortably have a bathtub and a shower separately? Let's discuss your options today! Call (254) 274-5927 to schedule a walk-through and get a FREE estimate on our budget bathroom remodel in Dallas.

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Try Our Tub-to-Shower Budget Bathroom Remodel in Dallas

Let's face it, some homeowners simply don't like bathtubs and prefer a relaxing, spacious shower instead of the outdated tub-shower combo. If you are someone who prefers to have only a shower, we can remove your tub-shower combo and replace it with a shower you will love! Likewise, if you have a separate shower and tub but rarely use the tub, we can reconfigure your space. This will give you a much more spacious shower that meets your hygiene goals, complete with a beautiful shower enclosure, tiles, towel racks, and grab bars that you need. You can rest assured that your new bathroom will be gratifying beyond your wildest imagination and, most importantly, within your budget.

You don't have to keep that bathtub that you rarely use. Instead, let us come up with a shower-only design that is sure to bring you the satisfaction you need when bathing. Speak with one of our consultants about your bathroom goals and allow us to provide you with budget bathroom remodeling in Dallas that is sure to please! Don't forget to ask about our financing plans.

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Do You Need An Affordable Bathroom For Your Aging Parents?

As your parent's age, you may prefer that they live with you instead of on their own or a nursing home. It is critical that you provide them with a safe space for bathing. You will be happy to know that we aim to provide exceptionally safe bathroom spaces for seniors. If our existing prefabricated options are satisfactory, we can customize your bathroom to make it entirely safe for your parents to prevent injuries. Our top-notch solutions allow seniors to relax and rejuvenate in spacious, safe, and secure areas.

Would you like one of the bathrooms in your home converted into a peaceful, safe sanctuary for your aging parents? One of our consultants is available today to discuss your needs. We aim to provide maximum satisfaction by providing you with the perfect bathroom at an affordable price. Call (254) 274-5927 to schedule your inspection and get a FREE quote on our services.



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Other Renovation Services Our Company Provides

The remodeling experts at Easy Bath Remodel Dallas are proud to provide you with the most beautiful bathroom designs imaginable, both prefabricated and customized. However, this isn't all that we do. We also offer exterior remodeling services to make the outside of your home as beautiful and inviting as your interior. Our installation team also provides additional rooms and spaces, mainly if you prefer storage in your bathroom. Please inquire about our other remodeling services today!

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