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About Our One Day Bathroom Remodel in Dallas

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom can be a busy room. Therefore, we strive to complete your bathroom remodel in Dallas as soon as possible. Taking up several days to do a bathroom remodel project may not be feasible, mainly if there is only one bathroom in the house. This is why we offer a one-day bathroom remodel as a quick solution to your remodeling needs.

For over 20 years, the Easy Bath Remodel Dallas experts have been transforming bathrooms and other home spaces into functional and luxurious retreats. We install floors, lighting, tile and replace fixtures quickly. Once we are done, you will be completely satisfied with how we have transformed your space.

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We Transform Your Bathroom in One Day!

Today's bathrooms have become the perfect getaway for you to enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating. You don't have to settle for a tight, cramped space that has minimal lighting anymore. Our contractors can transform your bathroom in one day into the bathroom of your dreams.

Why should you get a one-day bathroom remodel in Dallas? Simple. We value your space. The bathroom is one of the busiest places in the home. Therefore, we want to work as quickly as possible to renovate it and make it functional again so that you can resume your daily activities.

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Tired of That Old-Fashioned Tub/Shower Combo?

One of the main reasons we get calls about makeovers is because homeowners want to get rid of their tub and shower combo. Some either want them separate or want a spacious shower in place of the outdated fixture. Whatever results you seek, we can help!

A highly skilled design expert will come out, meet with you, and discuss your goals and determine the best design for your space. After the design is complete and materials are ordered, our contractors will come out and redesign your bathroom. Some of our bathroom remodels can be completed in as little as one day. Once we are done, you will have a new, gorgeous bathroom that is modern and spacious.

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Escape With Your New Spa Retreat For Your Master Bathroom

Do you want a taste of functionality and luxury on a budget? We transform your current bathroom into an eccentric escape within a short time, complete with all the bells and whistles to help you relax. Choose from various pre-fab bathroom designs or choose a custom design that fits your style needs. We offer many types of faucets and fixtures to add a touch of pizazz to your sink and shower. Our team can also provide a variety of flooring types, including marble and hardwood. To top off your spa experience, we can also include whirlpools or jetted tubs, providing an even more refreshing experience.

Are you ready to get rid of your dated bathroom and replace it with a modern, chic one? Call us today to learn more about a bathroom remodel in Dallas. Also, don't forget to inquire about all of our bathroom remodeling services.



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"We couldn't be happier with the customer service, personal attention, and flawless finish of our bathroom remodeling work. Easy Bath Remodel Dallas gets it RIGHT!"
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Other Remodeling Services Available in Dallas and Surrounding Areas

At Easy Bath Remodel Dallas, one of our specialties is bathroom remodeling. However, our remodeling isn't limited to just bathrooms. We also provide exterior and interior remodeling and can add to your space. Call to schedule a meeting with our contractors about your next remodeling project and get a FREE quote.

Exterior Remodeling

Interior Remodeling

Room Additions

Your Bathroom Design Experts Are Waiting

Turn your ugly, outdated bathroom into the luxurious space of your dreams with help from the creative experts at Easy Bath Remodel Dallas.

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